Qantas Upgrades Boeing 747-400 Experience

Qantas will introduce its fourth newly-fitted Boeing 747-400 (B747) to its international network later this month, offering more customers a new in-flight experience. Qantas Executive Manager Customer Experience Alison Webster said international customers travelling on Qantas’ newly-fitted B747 aircraft were delighted with the new product and service offering, which is aligned with our flagship A380 offering.

The B747 Reconfiguration Program includes the complete fit out of the aircraft interior including new seats and new cabin configurations. The newly-configured aircraft are fitted with 364 seats: 58 Business, 36 Premium Economy and 270 Economy. The seats in all three cabins have won awards for their design and comfort, including the 2009 Australian International Design Award for the Economy seat.

By the end of June, Qantas will have six newly-fitted B747 aircraft operating on long haul Pacific routes including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Santiago. For First customers travelling between Australia and the US, the A380 First suite will continue to be available on QF11 and QF12 (Sydney/Los Angeles) and QF93 and QF94 (Melbourne/Los Angeles). The remaining three newly-fitted B747 aircraft will be introduced across the long haul Pacific routes and Brisbane – Singapore by the end of October 2012. Qantas will have a fleet of 12 A380s and nine newly-fitted B747 aircraft by the end of this year.

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